Next Parish Council meeting

will be held at the Village Hall on TUESDAY 24th May at 7pm to which members of the public are very welcome to attend.

Plans announced for Jubilee Rose Garden

To help commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, plans are under way to transform the site of the Rose garden into Weobley's own Jubilee Rose Garden complete with additional seating, trees and an abundance of plants.

Contractors and volunteers will be working hard to bring everything together and all being well, it should be ready for the Autumn. So if you would like to lend a hand, do get in touch.

Weobley Celebrates

We hope you are all looking forward to celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June. So that you can be prepared, these are the events that will be taking place around the village

"I wouldn't live anywhere else. They're going to have to carry me out first."

Our village gets the "thumbs up" again as one of county's prettiest villages. See the full article on Herefordshire Live.....

About your Council Tax

Herefordshire Council’s budget is funded by a combination of council tax, local business rates, central government grants and charging for some council services.

The council tax you pay helps fund vital services such as children's services, rubbish and recycling collection, libraries and road repair.

In April the council tax increased by 2.99%, of which 1.99% will go towards paying for the services we all use and to keep investing in communities like Weobley, with the other 1% to be spent on adult social care services.

More information and advice on reduction schemes and allowances can be found on the Herefordshire Council website. Please click on the button below for further help.

Planning Applications

Find out about the latest planning applications which may impact upon our Village and Weobley area in general, that are currently under review.

Annual Parish Meeting

takes place on Thursday 26th May at the Village Hall @ 7.00pm

This is an open meeting where members of public are welcome to attend to hear reports and presentations on past and future activities affecting the village, including guest speakers and provides an opportunity for general discussion on these or any other parish issues that are raised.

For further iunformation, please contact our Clerk, Romily Giddens - Tel: 07393 344830 or email: [email protected]

Repairs continue at Weobley Parish Church

Work continues on replacing the rotten section of the nave flooring in the Parish Church and it is hoped that this will be completed soon, so sadly the Church will remain closed with Sunday services being moved to the Village Hall.

Thank you to all those in Weobley and beyond who have donated to our ‘Sponsor-a-Tile’ campaign. We are well on the way to meeting our £12,000 target, with over £11,500 raised (as at 25th April)

Do you have what it takes to be a Parish Councillor?

We're currently looking for two residents who would be interested to join the Parish Council. The position is voluntary (so you won't get paid) but you will help to make all kinds of decisions on issues that affect our local community, with probably the most common topics involving planning matters and roads & highways.

As a Parish Council we negotiate with, and have the power to influence those organisations that make decisions affecting our village including District and County councils, local health authorities, the Police and many other organisations.

If you would like to know more, please contact by e-mail the Clerk to the Parish Council at [email protected]

Janice Mannings, Chris Rhodes & Mary Kelly

Weobley Volunteers - you deserve a medal

Herefordshire Council may have pulled the plug on many of its public toilets back in 2013, but a small team of Weobley stalwarts decided to do something about it.

Mops and toilet brushes at the ready, Mary Kelly, Janice Mannings and Chris Rhodes have kept our village public toilets open ever since........

Report that pot-hole!

Herefordshire Council's Smartphone App makes it easy to report issues about potholes, flytipping, dog mess and any public rights of way issues affecting the village from your mobile phone.

Just take a picture, upload it to the App (which will automatically pinpoint your location if you are at the problem area) and it will be sent directly to the highways management team to action.

The mobile app is free to download from the Herefordshire Council website now.

About us

Weobley Parish Council is made up of ten local residents who are elected every four years and volunteer their time, their expertise and their services.

As the first tier of local government, we hope to encourage input from local residents which in turn will help us to develop and maintain local facilities and services.

How we work

The work undertaken by the Parish Council is financed through a precept, which is an amount of money collected as part of your Council Tax.

This money is used to help improve local facilities and services in and around the village and for larger projects, the council tries to secure funding through any grants and awards that made be available.

About our Village

Weobley, pronounced 'Webley', is one of the largest villages and civil parishes in Herefordshire, situated just eight miles away from Leominster and 12 miles north-west of Hereford. Our name Weobley comes from 'Wibba's Ley', with a 'ley' being a term for a woodland glade whilst 'Wibba' is the name of a local Saxon landowner, so in effect Weobley means 'Wibba's woodland clearing' and even features in the Domesday Book.

Our quiet and picturesque village sits in the very heart of the Herefordshire lowlands, an area characterised by wide river valleys, arable farming, low hedges, steep wooded hills, beautiful orchards and extensive hop yards.  Over the years the village has changed from being a medieval wool trading centre, through glove making and ale brewing to the friendly village that it is today. We even saw a visit from King Charles I, who stayed in the village following the battle of Naseby in 1645.

Herefordshire's Talk Community

Talk Community aims to make Herefordshire a better place to work and live by offering a wide range of activities, events, training courses, business support and much, much more through a network of Community Hubs.

These Community Hubs help to bring residents together, alongside offering up to date health and wellbeing information and to connect people to services, groups and activities, both nearby and elsewhere across Herefordshire and are run by staff and / or volunteers from the local community with support from Herefordshire Council.