Weobley Parish Neighbourhood Plan

We're planning for our Future


‚ÄčThe Parish of Weobley with its many ancient buildings, histroic monuments and picturesque farmland is a charming and popular area to live. But within this medieval framework now sits 21st Century life where our day to day lives are increasing governed by mobile phones, computers, broadband and the daily hussle and bustle needed for people to move about.

The Weobley Neighbourhood Development Plan was created to help everyone living or working in the village and the surrounding parish to have their say about how it should develop over the next decade. From catering for its residents, preserving the fabric of the area, to making it an enjoyable and practical place to live and work, whilst still retaining the unique and historical character that we have come to enjoy.

If you would like to see what the future holds for Weobley, a copy of the plan developed on behalf of the community can be found using the links below.

Full details are now available on the Herefordshire Council website.